Born and raised in Memphis, TN. Lives and plays in Brooklyn, NY.

Artist. Fiction Writer. Essayist. Journalist.


Often relying on appropriated materials, my visual work is an un-making, an intervention into a world characterized by misinformation, “truthiness,” and seemingly authoritative modes of representation no longer valid in an age of rapid information exchange. Like chapters in an ongoing social experiment, my artworks ask subjects to respond to narrative environments that are incomplete or out of order, where parameters are defined but full content is inaccessible. Much of my work focuses on the politics of memory, the dissemination of information, and the portrayal of current events by major media outlets or prominent commentators, ie “talking heads.” Although these portrayals are also incomplete, they do not allow for a personal narrative to fill in the gaps. My work attempts to create an environment conducive to personal narrative by reorganizing information normally taken for granted as part of the cultural landscape through cutting, juxtaposition, appropriation, and playful satire. In doing so, the work allows for a personal and subjective narrative within the highly controlled and partisan framework of political discourse. Aesthetics of redaction and restraint are deployed against themselves. The resulting narrative is not cohesive but is an index of calculated responses made both by my initial prompt and the actions of others. Spanning printed ephemera, video, sound, net art, and interactive installation, my work resists classification as a commercial art object. My role as artist is primarily that of facilitator and collaborator: I physically remove myself from the work to avoid becoming a “talking head” myself.

I also write reviews, essays, satire, fictions, and hybrids.

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